Aerated Degreaser

Equipment for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater.

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The CDS BIOTRADE aerated degreaser consists of a cylindrical-conical tank equipped with an Aérodyn® degreasing turbine.

The CDS degreaser treats the waste water in an aeration zone generated by an Aérodyn® to ensure the flotation of the grease. Grease flocs formed on the surface are then evacuated by scraping with a motorized arm.

The sediment settles in the conical part to be periodically extracted by a purge valve.


BIOTRADE manufactures different types of Aerated Degreaser depending on the input flow, according to CE standards.


Sand Classifiers are composed of different elements:


BIOTRADE manufactures aerated degreasers accepting flow rates up to 50 m3/h.