Rotary drum with internal supply

Rotary drum with internal supply

Equipment for fine pre-treatment of urban or industrial wastewater.

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The effluents are supplied via a pipe into a perforated drum equipped with an internal transport screw, the drum is driven in rotation by a geared motor.

The filtered effluent is collected in the bottom of the body and directed gravity towards the outlet tube.

The remaining particles in the drum are conveyed by the screw, they drain along the length of the drum and are recovered by the outlet chute opposite to the inlet pipe. A rotating brush and a washing ramp are used to clean the drum against the risk of clogging.


BIOTRADE markets different types of internal feed sieves according to the input flow and the size of the meshes. They are designed and manufactured in France.


Rotary drum with internal supply is composed of different elements:


BIOTRADE manufactures rotary drum with internal with sieving of 3 to 30 mm accepting flow rates ranging from 1 to 600 m3 / h.


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