Rotary sieve with external supply

Rotary sieve with external supply

Equipment for fine pre-treatment of urban or industrial wastewater.

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The whole of the effluent arrives in the feed register, it rises in load on the top of the drum while keeping the waste on its periphery and sifting inwards the liquid.

The waste is carried towards the front of the screen where it is removed from the drum by an external scraper.

The scraper is mounted on a spring assembly to provide constant pressure on the drum.

The washing ramp is located inside the drum to unclog it.


BIOTRADE markets different types of sieves with external power supply according to the input flow and the air gap that are designed and manufactured in France.


Rotary sieve with external supply is composed of different elements:


BIOTRADE produces internally supplied sieves with sieving of 250 μm to 2.5 mm accepting flow rates ranging from 1 to 600 m3 / h.


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