Mobile sludge dewatering unit

Mobile sludge dewatering unit

Mobile equipment for dewatering urban and industrial sludge.

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The Biotrade mobile sludge dewatering unit is designed, manufactured and assembled in our workshop.

This completely autonomous unit allows the pumping of sludge from 6 to 50 g / l, the flocculation of this sludge, their dehydration by BioPress screw press and their evacuation by conveyor or booster pump.

The unit is controlled via an electrical control box with HMI allowing all stages of the process to be optimized (raw sludge withdrawal rate, polymer dose, residence time in the screw press, washing cycle, etc.)

These mobile units can be offered as an open-side container, on a 3.5T road trailer, on a HGV trailer or in a swap body.


BIOTRADE manufactures screw presses in mobile structures of your choice: open-side container, on 3.5T road trailer, on PL trailer or in swap body.


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