Polymer preparation

Equipment for the preparation of polymer in emulsion form

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The BIOTRADE Polymer Preparation  solution enables in-line preparation of polymer in emulsion form. The pure emulsion is dosed using a variable flow eccentric rotor pump.

The dilution water supply flow rate is adjustable by a motorized valve controlled by a vortex flowmeter. This makes it possible to vary the rate of dilution and the concentration of the polymer solution prepared.

The pure emulsion is injected through a non-return valve in the dilution water pipe, upstream of the dynamic mixer.

A static mixer, downstream of the dynamic mixer, makes it possible to finalize the homogenization of the prepared solution.

At the outlet of the static mixer, two manual valves allow the injection of the prepared polymer to one or two injection points.


The BIOTRADE polymer preparated solution allows the in-line preparation of 600 to 3000 L / h of diluted polymer.


The BiOTRADE polymer preparated  solution is composed of the following elements:


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