Screw press

Screw press

Equipment for dewatering urban and industrial sludges.

Equipment developed and manufactured by BIOTRADE

The BioPress BIOTRADE screw press is an equipment for dewatering sewage sludge by pressing. This consists of a conical Archimedean screw and a drum formed by alternating fixed and mobile discs which compress the flocculated sludge.

Unlike perforated drums, the disc drum is much less susceptible to clogging. The setting in motion of the discs as the screw passes limits this phenomenon. This natural action is complemented by a nozzle washing system.

Advantages of the screw press:


BIOTRADE sells different models of screw presses in 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel sized according to the load of suspended matter to be dehydrated.


BioPress screw presses consist of the following components:


BIOTRADE manufactures screw presses for dewatering sludge from 10 to 150 kgMS / h.


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